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Dear website user.

We are only a small friendly company and we don't store or track information about our website users except for:

a) Where it is in our mutual benefit to do so. So for example if you join our beta test program, we require a copy of your email address to be able to correspond with you and add you to the beta test program. Beta versions of our software are provisioned to you via Test Flight, an Apple Inc. service for delivering beta test software, which means to provide you with this service, we provide your email address and the name you provide to us, to Apple Inc.

b) Subject to your permission, our website host, Squarespace, stores cookies in your web browser for tracking which pages you have visited so we understand how our website users are using this website. These website cookies are not supplied to other services and they are not used for advertising or by agencies or by ad-trackers.

To use Test Flight, you will need to have agreed to Apple's terms of service. These and the privacy policy Apple supply concern the use they make of your personal data.

If you join our app beta test program we also like to know what your name is, so we don't sound rude when we correspond with you. We do not sell or pass on your personal information to any third parties, however, one or more of the third party hosting services we use will be involved in the collection of information you supply to us.

As a small business we make extensive use of third party hosting services. This website and our email is hosted by Webfaction Inc. and all our business data is hosted on the Apple iCloud cloud document storage solution with Apple Inc.

Webfaction privacy policy

Apple privacy policy

When you correspond with us by filling out a form on this website, the contents of the form are sent to us, unencrypted, by email from Squarespace and copies of the emails are stored, unencrypted, on Webfaction's hosted email servers. Third party service provider host servers used by Mr Lancefield Games may reside in jurisdictions outside of the UK or EU.

We retain your data only for the purpose of being able to correspond with you relating to the matter you are enquiring about. We do not have a policy for the deletion of correspondence, since:

a) Correspondence about Wabbler™ is unlikely to be of a sensitive nature

b) Given a) it is mutually beneficial to retain a record of past correspondence in case future enquiries are made that are related to it

c) If any website user or Wabbler™ app customer would like to ensure we delete any correspondence or personal data, we will oblige without hesitation unless we are duty bound by law or regulation to retain a copy.

In the course of corresponding with us, we may ask you if you would mind being contacted for other purposes and we will only then correspond with you about other matters if you confirm it is OK to do so.

Wabbler Game And Personal Data

Dear valued Wabbler™ Game player

We do not require and do not store your personal data as a result of your use of Wabbler™. We do record the player name you decided to call yourself in log records stored locally on your mobile device for the purpose of being able to distinguish between users and analyse how a game proceeded in the event something went wrong during the game. However we do not download log records from your device without your permission (we have not built a mechanism that will allow us to do this) and only receive a copy of the log if you choose to provide it to us.

Additionally, Wabbler™ uses Apple Inc. iCloud service and game information, including your player name, may be synchronised between iOS devices that are logged into the same iCloud account.

Apple privacy policy

If you have chosen to provide crash report data to Apple, on the (hopefully rare) occasions on which Wabbler™ crashes, Apple may forward the data to us. The data contained in a crash report will include data being processed by the application at the time of the crash and can potentially contain any data processed by Wabbler™ However since Wabbler™ is a game, this data is unlikely to be personally sensitive, valuable, or embarrassing to you (unless you are a really bad at spelling and made some especially dumb moves in the game. However even if you did make some dumb moves, we promise not to tell anyone) .

We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement at any time.

Privacy Statement

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